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The outbound campaign guide

The manual for creating an adapted and scaled outbound campaign, step by step.

Outbound call campaigns have been mishandled for several years now, due to new restrictions but also because of changes in consumer behavior: lower response rates, the blocking of call center phone numbers, objection lists…yet, none of this signals the end of outbound campaigns but rather a weariness on behalf of customers.

To mitigate the situation, contact centers must therefore review their manner of conducting outbound campaigns: more intelligent, more creative, less intrusive, and with a thoughtful approach that above all fits into a global strategy. In other words, give new meaning to outbound call campaigns.  

Discover in our new guide how to optimize the performance of your outbound call campaigns and therefore improve your sales.

Detailed Summary

In this ebook, discover how to set a good strategy for your outbound call campaigns

  • How do you create a campaign?
  • How can you manage the impact of legislation on your campaigns?
  • How can you analyze your campaigns? Which KPIs should you follow?
  • How can you make your outbound calls part of a global omnichannel journey?
  • How can you offer a standout experience thanks to Best time to Call?
  • How can Vocalcom support you?
 outbound campaign guidelines