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How can personalization be used as a tool for improving customer satisfaction?

As customer experience quality is determined by a combination of multichannel experiences, contact centers are a central pillar, whether they communicate by phone or via digital channels. Contact center agents play an important role in offering customers a personalized relationship by using all of a company’s communication channels. 

The major challenge for contact centers is consolidating customer data, in order to have a complete view of a customer and offer him the best answer at the right time and on the right channel. Personalization allows a company to build a strong relationship with customers and therefore win their loyalty.

However, too many companies still do not take advantage of their data to develop this trusting relationship.

Detailed summary

In this e-book, discover how to use data to personalize your customer service and how to develop personalization to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Why should you personalize customer service?
  • What are new customer expectations with regard to personalization?
  • What are the benefits of personalization?
  • How can you take personalization further with tools such as artificial intelligence?
  • What are the challenges of personalization? How can you tackle them with the help of tools and a CRM?