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Case Study

[Le Figaro] Counting on customer service excellence to boost digital adoption

Industry: Media - Solution: Vocalcom Hermes360 - Use case: Customer Service, Telesales

A vital player of the French media, Le Figaro is gradually evolving its strategy for subscriber customer service, in the context of massive media digitalization. To achieve this, the company forged a partnership with Clientela, who use the Vocalcom Hermes solution.

About Le Figaro

Country: France
Activity: French media
Key Figures

  • 1180 employees
  • 25 000 calls managed per month
  • 18 agents daily

« At Clientela, we find a customer focus, consistent attentive listening, as well as availability. It is this listening ability that we want for our customers. »

Stéphanie Fonscolombe, D
irector of Reader Relations at Le Figaro

«The features of the Vocalcom Hermes solution, the ability to quickly and autonomously adjust the IVR and also the possibility to create customized dashboards, allow us to accomplish our daily tasks and meet the goals of Le Figaro in a constructive way. »

Nicolas Masselin Peyron, Director of Development at Clientela