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Case Study

[EVO+] Reinventing print and digital subscriber relations

Industry: Outsourcer - Solution: Vocalcom Hermes - Use case: Customer Service, Telesales

Founded in 2004, EVO+ is a French expert in print and digital subscriber relations. The company has grown by developing customized offerings serving regional and specialized daily news outlets and energy and telecommunications providers.

About Evo+

Country: France
Activity: Service provider specialized in print and digital subscription management
Key Figures:

  • 2 contact centers in France
  • 100 employees
  • 1 million calls made and received each year

The intelligence of the Vocalcom contact center solution, which we have been using since 2012, allows us to be savvy and resourceful on a daily basis and offer the best service to our customers. 

Jean-René Cau, founder and CEO of EVO+